Angelo Senes

He talks how he eats…it depends entirely on the season. When he's not present at the restaurant...well he's always present, and has been for nearly 40 years!

Humble yet charismatic, Angelo has left a lasting impression on all those he’s be privileged to serve. 




Antonio Senes

Antonio has split his time unilaterally between the farm and the restaurant for over a decade.

A sommelier and a lover of good food, he continually searches for new producers and collaborators who follow in a similar manner of animal breeding and production.

He speaks English, French, Spanish, and is learning Italian…



Sara Senes

Is the anchor of our operation. Her intuition is unparalleled and is our point of reference. Always very welcoming, our guests are filled with a sense of certainty and good faith – are true artesian in the field of conviviality.

A lover of good food, her CREATIVE contributions are reflected in the advancements of both the farm and restaurant.