Azienda agricola Biologica Podere Risalso

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Podere Risalso encompasses more than 123 hectares of partially wooded and partially arable land, organic since 2004. Although our animals are bred in a semi-wild state, our staff regularly supplies them with supplemental milled fodder grown on the farm comprised of barley and bean which compliment the foods these pigs find in the woods. Ethical breeding guarantees the physical and psychological well-being of the animals as such an open-air existence secures excellent meat quality. 


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“The Cinta Senese is the only Tuscan swine breed surviving to extinction. It is a very ancient breed: the oldest farmers remember breeding it since forever and it is well recognizable in the Fourteeth century ‘Buon Governo’ (good rule) fresco by Ambrogio Lorenzetti. Like all of the ancient breeds it is very rustic, ideal for wild or semi-wild breeding: today, as it used to do in the past, it grazes freely in the pastures, stubbles and oak and holm oak woods, mainly feeding on herbs and acorns. On the table, Cinta Senese is characterized by its evenly fat-veined meat, while usually fat and lean parts are neatly separated. This gives it an extraordinary taste and scent, due to its wild or semi-wild breeding."

- from the website of Slow Food Foundation



"Just 20 years ago, the Pomarancina sheep breed seemed destined for extinction. The Pomarancina sheep is white in color and medium in size. The lambs are slaughtered at around 60 to 90 days, when they have reached around 15 kilos in weight. Their meat, characterized by a dark pink color that contrasts with the white fat and a good texture, is excellent roasted or stewed and is very appreciated in the local cuisine. Traditionally the animals are raised in groups of around 50 animals, in order to make the best use of the surrounding pasture.”

- From the website of Slow Food Foundation